If you have a family, if you have property of significant value or if you have plans to make charitable bequests upon your death, you need a will. Without a will, your property will go to your heirs under the state law of descent and distribution. With a will, you have the opportunity to decide who receives what, and when. Settling your estate will also be more straightforward, less costly and less subject to disputes if you express your desires through a will. In sum, having a will is less costly for your family overall than leaving your estate with no will in place.
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No one plans to die prematurely, and most of us believe we have many more years to live. Many people also find it distasteful to think about or discuss death. However, it is the one sure thing that all of us can count on. Unexpected sudden deaths due to traffic accidents, workplace accidents, freak accidents and many other causes are reported in newspapers every day. At any stage of life, an unexpected health crisis can come up suddenly — and often it is too late for the injured or ill person to express his or her preferences for healthcare, for management of financial matters before death or for distribution of assets after death.

Putting off estate planning is, for some people, a plan in itself: a plan to leave trouble and expense behind for family members to deal with, and perhaps question your intentions. The state will be in control of your estate if you die without a will in place. It is far better to take the time to think over priorities and goals, discuss legal matters with an attorney and put one’s affairs in order before crisis strikes.

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Some people believe they can simply write a will on their own without the assistance of an attorney. This may be possible to do, but it is best to ensure that you have thought of all necessary and important factors as well as making sure to have your last will and testament properly formalized. A thoughtful discussion with Augusta wills and probate lawyer Larry Maioriello can offer peace of mind as well as reassurance that you have taken all essential legal aspects into consideration.
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Mr. Maioriello also helps families settle estates after a death has taken place. A unique legal procedure known as Years Support in Georgia allows widows and children to claim entire estates without payment of most debts owed by the late loved one. Mr. Maioriello can guide your family through this procedure if it applied in your case. Contact this law firm for help and assistance with administration of intestate estates (with no will), with Years Support, with standard probate and/or with contested probate matters. Will contests, complex estate matters and other complications are among the estate-related legal issues adeptly handled by Larry Maioriello, Attorney at Law.